Shopping Men’s Clothing at Target: What to Buy, What to Avoid

If I haven’t gone on record before, allow me to do so now. I love Primer. Andrew and company are dedicated to exploring what it’s like to be a guy in the twenty-first century, avoiding both the nastiness of men’s magazines and old-timey stereotypes of lots of men’s motivational content. They take the same approach that I attempt with ManMade, focusing on style and fashion, health, generally, being a good guy.  

created at: 09/13/2011

I especially appreciate their willingness to share a good value when they find it, so I think this thoughtful, honest article about buying clothes at Target store is pretty top notch.

If done right, Target is a convenient place you can pick up some smart style picks at affordable prices. Use our guide and you’ll find items that balance modern style, quality, and price, as well as a few that you should look elsewhere for.

Good stuff.

11 Style Items You Can Buy at Target, and 5 You Shouldn’t