Toast Your Buddies with 16 Great Beer Gifts

created at: 08/25/2011

So, you know how people always joke about how hard it is to buy gifts for your dad, husband, or brother? Everybody falling back on tickets to a game or some “manly” personal accessorie.

But, I wanna talk about what you give your male peers and friends. Like, there’s no way I’ma give my buddy a wallet for his wedding, or my brother-in-law a tie. What are supposed to give to guys in your own age bracket, with whom you’re perfectly comfortable talking about relationships and feelings, but who’s preference in aftershave is never your concern?    Beer. Well, not actual beer (he can pick that for himself). But, beerish stuff. Beer things, if you will. Wanna some ideas? Brittany and Jacob from Wantist have you covered.

“Raise your mug and toast your favorite brewmaster, it [was] International Beer Day! With celebrations in pubs and breweries around the world today, it seemed a fine time to share with you these sixteen awesome gifts for beer lovers.

So if you’ll be my Hops, I’ll be your Barley and tell you a tale of gifts to celebrate your favorite ale.”

16 Beer Gifts You’ll Raise A Pint To