How To: Make 24 DIY Photography Soft Boxes

It would be amazing if everyone had a perfect, clean space full of just-right light all day long, everyday in which we could take photos. But the reality is, sometimes the weather cooperates and sometimes it doesn’t, some people have good windows and others don’t, etc, etc. To make up for a less-than-ideal photo environment, photographers often rely of soft boxes, which provided color-balanced, even, diffused light, just like the perfect, overcast-y day that makes the best photos. 

And they’re awesome…and pretty expensive  for a relatively simple device. Which means, of course, that you can make your own. Twenty four of ’em, as a matter of fact.

The awesome DIY Photography put out a call to their readers for homemade soft box options, and the results are awesome. There are big ones, little ones, foldable ones, transportable ones, inexpensive ones, tabletop ones, built-to-last ones…all of them made from everyday materials using techniques you can figure out.

And, most include an image of the thing in action, so you can decide which to build first!

24 DIY Softboxes []