Mar 11, 2010

ManMade Video How-To: Make a Custom, No-Sew Tool Belt from Repurposed Fabric

created at: 03/10/2010

The most efficient way to get your creative work done quickly is to keep your tools and gear within an arms reach. And if YOU move around, then so do your arms, so the best soiutions keep your goodies ON your person...like a tool belt.

And if your project is framing a house, then a traditional Bob Vila-style tool belt will do just fine. But if your arsenal involves items other than a hammer and drill, its often tough to find the perfect place to put  your tools.

So, make that perfect place. A tool belt is only as useful as its ability to store the things YOU use on your projects. ManMade went to hang out with fabric master Amy D. to see if we could create a durable, customized tool belt on the cheap.  

And we captured all the no-sew, upcycled goodness. Click play to soak it in!

One hint that didn't make it into the video: When fusing the duct tape, keep the iron on medium low so the glue and the fibers don't freak out.

Also, as ManMade always says, beer and crafting usually mix, but not always. Be smart whenever you make, and the world will be a better place.

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Chris on Oct 27, 2010:

@Ricky - That's a great use! We'd love to see a photo when he's all dressed up. Good luck!

ricky on Oct 27, 2010:

I'm gonna make one of these for my son's halloween costume.

Sal on Apr 20, 2010:

Very nice tool belt but I put mine on the side of my tool box for the tools I use often.  It makes them easy to find.  With my pot belley I can't see any of the tools if I wear it as shown.  I have to feel around for my tool.  ;>)

Lester on Mar 12, 2010:

Cool stuff. Now that I'm retired this will be perfect for me.

I made this Roman window insulated shade for my bedroom. Sewing was involved, though. That darned machine was a pain, always breaking. I need a new sewing machine. Won't you help me win one ?

 Please see my Instructable and vote for me. It has been featured, but too many people have a lot of sneaky voters and my sewing machine may never get won.

Sal on Mar 12, 2010:

Very good.  Gave me an idea for my old motor cycle tee shirts.  I will make the tool pouches so the logo's show.  My old baceball caps might work as tool pockets too.  Whow!  I'm going to be stylen.

Andrea on Mar 09, 2010:

How awesome is this? LOVE the beer belt!!!