May 24, 2011

How To: Make a Stylish, Masculine Industrial Table

First, big ups to my mom who found this for me. She took photos with her new iPhone, and emailed me, like, every page from the Lowes circular from which they come. (The giant, 8.5MB versions. She's still learning.)

Anyway, I'm always into making cool stuff from hardware store staples. I think these could be made even more refined and contrasty with a higher grade, non OSB plywood. Edge banding optional.

I took a similar approach when I made this credenza:    

You can find that one in Hardware Store Decor.


I especially like how these work as side tables, or in a pair as a coffee table. Snag free instructions: 

Industrial Side Tables [Lowes Creative Ideas]


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Charles on Jun 02, 2011:

I just wanted to be sure you didn't think the one in the picture was made from OSB. That is most certainly plywood in the picture, ACX or BCX perhaps (that part is hard to tell). Overall a good idea though, wouldn't really fit with my decor but in the shop or shed a shelving unit made like this could be really good.