The Cardigan Abides – The Dude’s Sweater is Back

The Dude's Sweater

Remember the first time you saw The Big Lebowski, and all your friends hated it and thought it was boring, but you couldn’t stop laughing? Remember how, two years later, in college, it was suddenly everyone’s all-time favorite movie?

Yeah, me too. I also remember thinking, “Where can I get that sweater?” Well, now you can; the original was made by Pendelton Woolen Mills, and this year they’re bringing it back:

Who is this dude?

Could they have chosen a less ‘Dude’-like model? I doubt it. Regardless, the sweater’s iconic, and at $188, it going to be a hot Christmas gift for anyone who knows anyone (and that’s everyone) who loved the movie. I’m a medium tall, if you’re wondering.

Link: Oregon Live – ‘The Big Lebowski Cardigan’