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Dec 09, 2015

How to: Give Your Beard a Hot Oil Treatment

created at: 12/09/2015

Most winters, I sport a beard (I've got one now), and I have, admittedly, never put a single thing on it other than soap, water, and sunscreen. As a "men's lifestyle" writer, I see all kinds of facial hair treatments go buy and sold on cool sites I like, but my own experience is a big none.

And, even more admittedly, I would have had no idea what do with it even if I had a bottle. Just rub it in and leave? Wash out? Apply with a brush? Does putting oil on your face make you break out.   … read more


Dec 09, 2015

Closer Look: You Should Watch Diresta's Cut Video Series

Massive DovetailsJimmy Diresta is type of talented, creative maker we all want to be someday. His designs and methods are real, raw, and always come out impressive. Take a look at three projects from his new series here.   … read more


Dec 08, 2015

Essential Toolbox: A Reciprocating Saw is the Tank in Your Toolbox

Reciprocating saw buyers guide

Cut galvanized pipe. Vibrate a concrete mold to get the air bubbles out. Re-set PVC plumbing. Shave down an LVL header. Strip nails from hundred-year-old lumber. Flush cut wood and metal. Plunge cut into walls and cabinets. Demolish a kitchen. Rip out a toilet. Cut a clawfoot tub in half so you can lower it out a second story window. Trim your trees. Cut down a Christmas tree. Free a horrible laminate countertop from its cabinet base.

reciprocating saw flush cutting a nail

I have used my reciprocating saw (also known by it's brand name, Sawzall) for almost all of those things, and some more I can't even remember. Are there other tools for each of those things? Sure. Are there… read more


Dec 07, 2015

DIY Idea: Wooden Shoe Storage Done Right

Shoe Storage

I'll let you in on a little secret, my shoes are pretty much the most abused part of my wardrobe. Here's a storage solution to change that, and make them downright pampered.   … read more


Dec 07, 2015

A Little Monday Morning Dose of Crafting Zen

If your week's off to a slow start and your need a little inspiration (or, for that matter, if it started with a bang and you're ready to slow down already), check out this simple video of Japanese master craftsman Yasuo Okazaki.   … read more


Dec 04, 2015

This Year, Upgrade Your Gift Giving and Focus On The Box

You spend so much time picking out a memorable gift that will impress, but then wrap it up in a boring box? Make that box stand out as much as what's inside with these simple projects.   … read more


Dec 04, 2015

How to: Build a Steerable Sled - The Perfect Father/Child Activity

Unless you live in the Minnesotan tundra, now’s the perfect time to get ahead of the snowfall and make a childhood dream come true with this steerable sled project from Popular Mechanics. (just kidding Minnesotans, you’ll figure it out). While you’re at it, why not do it with your child? This DIY guide comes with photographic step-by-steps and mentions which ones require the presence of an experienced adult and which ones can by done by a child on their own.   … read more


Dec 03, 2015

How to: Build a Tabletop Hibachi Grill from Concrete

There are times when you need a large outdoor cooker: big hunks of protein cooked low and slow, hosting for a crowd, cold smoking some seasonal goodies. But some times, you just want to get your food as hot and as close to the fire as possible to create the crust and depth of flavor that only cooking over an open flame can provide.     … read more


Dec 03, 2015

How to: Make Homemade Grenadine for Tastier Holiday Cocktails

created at: 12/12/2011

Pop quiz! What is grenadine?

Until a few years ago, I woulda said, "'s that cherry stuff they put in my lemon-lime soda as a kid."

And I would have been wrong.

See, the "grenad-" in grenadine, and the "grenad-" in grenade are actually the same etymological root, and refer to a fruit that has little to do with cherries:  … read more


Dec 02, 2015

ManMade Essential Toolbox: Why You Definitely Need a Japanese Flush Cut Trim Saw

Each week in 2015, ManMade is sharing our picks for the essential tools we think every creative guy and DIYer needs. We've selected useful, long-lasting tools to help you accomplish a variety of projects, solve problems, and live a hands-on lifestyle that allows you to interact with and make the things you use every day. 

created at: 12/02/2015

For those of you who have followed along with us in the series all year (this is tool number forty-eight), let's all celebrate: this is an easy one. A flush cut pull saw is a simple device that's totally affordable and almost impossible to screw up. It's small yet super functional, and performs quite well. It's designed to do just a few things, and do them well. Get the right one now, and you're set for life.   … read more


Dec 01, 2015

Make This: Modern Wooden Side Table from a Serving Tray

Head to any discount store or the cookware section of a higher-end grocery store, and you'll all kinds of cool acacia and olive wood and walnut cutting boards and serving strays with rich, striking grain patterns. 

The DIYer will, of course, then say: we should totally make something out of those.    … read more


Nov 29, 2015

Skill Builder: Make A Pair of Shop Horses to Practice Your Woodworking Joinery

Marking Gauge

Every shop needs a bit of extra temporary workspace. Build these solid shop horses to bone up on you joinery and come out with something you'll use often in the shop.   … read more


Nov 29, 2015

10 Tricks to Make Hanging Christmas Decorations Way Easier

A little festive holiday decor can go a long way, especially if done right. Check out these 10 Christmas Decoration Hacks to make your holiday decor blend seamlessly into your home without any lasting intrusion or marks on the walls.   … read more


Nov 25, 2015

ManMade Essential Toolbox: Why You're Going to Like Having a Good Ratcheting Screwdriver

Why you should buy a ratcheting screwdriver

You know we here at ManMade always have praise for specialized, high-quality, long lasting tools. Chris went in-depth on screwdrivers earlier this year, and I second his opinion: 
"a high-quality set of wood handled screwdrivers are a true joy to use." But let me also put in a plug for the less-glamorous cousin, the ratcheting screwdriver. It probably won't last a lifetime, and it's certainly not hand-crafted, but it can be a joy to use, in the right circumstances, and I think every guy should own one (or two, or three).

Throw one in your toolbox, another in the trunk of your car, and a leave a third in your desk drawer at the… read more


Nov 25, 2015

How to: Make a Titanium Ring From Scratch

Titanium RingWorking with titanium is not for the faint of heart. The metal is hard enough to snub many of your tools, but if you have the patience it can really be rewarding. Take a look at this project write up making a ring from a sheet of titanium.   … read more


Nov 25, 2015

A Closer Look: The Distiller

Gin DistillingHere is a story of a Brooklyn man who was tired of his job and decided to start a distillery instead. Click through for your dose of maker inspiration.   … read more


Nov 24, 2015

How to: Make Your Own Copper Pipe Bike Basket

The bicycle basket is a long standing accessory that's great for carrying anything from picturesque picnic supplies to laptops to bulldogs apparently. The copper piping makes for a slightly antique or hipstered look and could be all the makeover your bike needs. Alternately, just build the basket and keep it around the house, fill it with plants, fill it with dogs, etc.   … read more


Nov 23, 2015

The Man Behind The Brand: 10 Things You Never Knew About Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Sports StoreYou've probably heard of Eddie Bauer's outdoor gear, but do you know about the man behind those outdoor products? The company put together 10 little known facts about the founder, and they're as impressive as you would expect.   … read more


Nov 19, 2015

How to: Make Your Own Headphone Organizer

Ahh...the pocket earbud tangle nest. You've seen it, you hate it, and you promise yourself not to do it again next. We say, this weekend, do something about it.   … read more


Nov 19, 2015

You Can Make This: Modern DIY Internet Radio Player

Finished Internet RadioI'm a big fan of internet radio. It's customizable, high quality, and increasingly easy to use. Here's a project for those with a bit of tech savvy mixed in with your DIY prowess.   … read more

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