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Apr 16, 2010

How To: Make a Top Hat from Scrap Paper

created at: 04/16/2010

"When Zenith Interiors celebrated the opening of its Melbourne showroom with a top-hat-themed party this month, the staff of architectural firm ClarkeHopkinsClarke made an entrance with pleated toppers they cleverly assembled from their invitations with zero excess scrap."

Thankfully, the fine folks at Ecouterre have posted their very step-by-steps and shared it so we can recyclo-party down too. This design is extra cool in its pleated approach, which allow it to expand and contract to fit the donner's head… read more


Apr 14, 2010

How To: Build DIY Wooden Speakers from a Salvaged Tree

Tree SpeakersWhen Noah was at Brown University, a large, historic tree in East Providence succumbed to Dutch Elm disease. "The giant tree's death was unfortunate and sad, but the loss of the tree ultimately led to the birth of something else: The Elm Tree Project.  The joint venture between Brown University and The Rhode Island School of Design produced a set of classes, exhibitions and specially designed studios, all built specifically to explore and produce various forms of art that could be made from the deceased tree. "

Noah's participation in that project were these tree bough speakers, created from solid 14" sections of the great elm. "Using actual tree rounds as speaker enclosures is beneficial to the overall speaker design because it results in an almost seam-free cabinet, thick and acoustically dead enclosure material, and non-parallel internal sides which help to reduce unwanted frequency amplification and… read more


Apr 13, 2010

How To: Perfectly Grilled Shrimp

created at: 04/13/2010

The BEST thing about cooking shrimp (and other crustaceans) is they tell YOU when they're done. They'll curl and turn an opaque pink/orange throughout, like Mother Nature's own little temperature gauge, or God's built-in egg timer.

The WORST thing about cooking shrimp, especially on a high-heat surface like your backyard grill, is that you've got to pay attention to get them just right, as they can char and overcook VERY… read more


Apr 12, 2010

8 Great DIY iPhone Apps

Dimensions iphone app 

Modern technology can often make us crazy, but lends itself to some pretty increased productivity if you can get it figured out.

And beyond keeping track of your calendar, contacts, and best score on some Tetris rip-off, your smartphone can actually help you improve your craft, art, and all around DIYness.

DIYLife has assembled a collection of iPhone apps - both free and low-cost (the most is $4.99). "Whether you're painting a wall or building a piece of furniture, it always helps to have an assistant. But an assistant who fits in your pocket and can go anywhere? Now that's a DIYer's dream.With that desire in mind, we scoured Apple's iTunes App Store for the handiest and most innovative iPhone applications. Below are our eight favorite apps, each under $5. Think of each one as your very own pocket-sized… read more


Apr 08, 2010

A Man's Guide to Dining Etiquette and Proper Table Manners

As I always say, a ManMade man is a well-behaved man. More or less. And, I've probably never actually said it, but it sounds like something I would.

Regardless, ManMade is for people that pay attention, and people that pay attention know how to behave at meal times and in social situations. "Whether dining with a 4 star general, toasting with a Medal of Honor recipient, or sitting with friends and family on Christmas Eve, an understanding of dining protocol makes time spent with others around a table more enjoyable.  When you know the rules there is no awkwardness or questions about how things should be done; instead there is only opportunity to spend quality time with the company… read more


Apr 07, 2010

How To: Make an Urban Camouflage iPad Case from a Composition Notebook

created at: 04/07/2010

If I bought a $600 gadget with a giant glass screen that's intended to be mobile, I'd wanna protect it, and do so in way that doesn't scream "I just bought a $600 gadget with a...etc, etc"

And so did Matt Silver, so he whipped up this gem: a simple, low-cost iPad case made from a recycled composisiton… read more


Apr 06, 2010

How To: Build a Model Hubble Telescope

Paper_PVC_Hubble_Telescope.jpg is offering three awesome, free how-tos to recreate model Hubble telescopes. There's excellent instructions and lots of free printable parts and decals "These models aren’t working telescopes – you can’t peer at the sky with them. But they can give you an up-close look at the telescope’s structure and a challenging project to engage your model-making skills."

The first is the easiest to make, and uses a short length PVC pipe to support the main structure. The other two save you a trip to the hardware store, and are pure paper, created without special materials (though you'll need a few supplies from your… read more


Apr 05, 2010

Alternative Uses for Easter Candy

With all of the eggs located (and re-hid and found again) and the baskets torn apart, the pinnacle of the Easter season passed us sometime yesterday in the early afternoon. But we still have the warm thoughts of new birth and spring time in our hearts, and tables and baskets and countertops full of seasonal candy.

And you could slowly pick away at it, one jelly bean at a time: or, you could improve on the simple pickout, unwrap, munch, regret formula that usually comes with post-holiday sugar bombs. Here's a few ideas:

Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict


A very, very, VERY sweet take on the savory breakfast classic involving a cake doughnut base, a brownie slab, and oozing Cadbury creme egg, some buttercream Hollandaise, served with a side of poundcake… read more


Apr 02, 2010

How To: Super Quick and Easy Large-Scale Modern Painting

NOTHING fills up a blank wall like a large scale art piece. And nothing can cost more than... a large scale art piece.

Unless you're hip to this sweet sweet idea by Nerissa and Pete from the New Domestic. With the help of a bit of extra thin painter's tape, they were able to translate a digital design into an abstract painting with a huge… read more


Mar 31, 2010

How To: R2D2 Light from a $10 IKEA Lamp

DIY R2D2 Lamp from $10 IKEA lamp

Nylanan is currently building a full scale R2D2 from scratch, and thus has lots of R2 on the brain. So, when he noticed the $8.99 TERTIAL work lamp while walking through IKEA, he couldn't help notice the similarities. So, with a bit of blue vinyl, he took a break on his robo-build and created this great, inexpensive R2D2 lamp.

As he notes, "The great thing about R2 is that he has such a an iconic look that you really only have to capture a few bits and pieces to make him look right: the main eye, the stripes and the top… read more


Mar 30, 2010

How To: Liquor Lollipops

These grown-up lollipops improves on one of my favorite Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory quotes "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." (I've since learned it comes from Ogden Nash's Reflections on Ice Breaking).

This recipe calls for absinthe - the "green fairy" long outlawed in the U.S. - but could be adapted to include most spirits, I imagine. The ingredients list (minus the absinthe) seems pretty reasonable:

* 1.0 cup Sugar * 0.3 cup Golden Syrup * 0.25 cup Cream Of Tartar * 5 shot of Absinthe * Stove * Wooden Spoon * Pan * Mould * Popsicle Sticks * Confectionery Thermometer *… read more


Mar 24, 2010

How to: Crochet an RSS Feed X-Stitch Pillow

created at: 03/24/2010

Whip up an RSS Feed Pillow to show your love of technology and pillows! The colorful and cheeky design is my own, and I'm happy to share it with ManMade-ians everywhere. 'But, Maven', you might be saying, 'I don't know how to crochet!' Oh....poo. Crocheting is easy to learn. (My grandma taught me when I was 8!) Of course, if you don't have a crocheting granny, not to worry. Crafty Daisies has superior FREE crochet tutorials on their website. As for x-stitching, that's even easier. (Here's a quick illustration.) Other than that, all the information you need to make the pillow can be found at this post on my website,

read more

Mar 22, 2010

Five Very Soothing, DIY Shaving Recipes + Alternatives

Tom Moore Examining Results of His First Shave, Necessity for Which Only He Could See Photographic Print

A while back Chris hooked you up with Five Very Manly, DIY After Shave Recipes. Now we take a step back in the process to help you make your shaving experience even more soothing. 

  1. Calendula and Lavender essential oils are the essential ingredients in this Soothing Shave recipe from Bath and Body Recipes.
  2. This easy DIY Shaving Cream from Thrifty Fun requires very few ingredients.
  3. Life123 offers another fairly Easy Shaving Cream Recipe.
  4. If you prefer a gels, check out Towards Sustainability's Homemade Shaving Gel offering.
  5. And if you want to go old school, this Shaving Soap recipe from Teach… read more

Mar 18, 2010

How To: Embroider a Necktie

created at: 03/18/2010

It's my hope that, one day, I'll be able to make every necktie I own, from scratch. Until then, I'm digging on this idea I tripped over at the always awesome Doe-C-Doe: adding a little custom embroidery to a store-bought tie, creating lots of handmade flair and plenty of… read more


Mar 16, 2010

How To: Hoodie Origami - Turn a Hooded Sweatshirt into a Computer Sleeve, Pillow, and More...


Artist Antonio Scarponi remarks, "A hoodie is not just a hoodie. In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object. We  rather need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network of things around us."

So, he's introduced Just undo it - a collection of reversible objects that can be made from a hooded sweatshirt. 


The series includes a laptop bag, baby carrier, pillow, backpack and strap bag. Talk… read more

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