Jul 19, 2017

How to: Start a Campfire with One Match

created at: 05/07/2014

Starting a fire is an essential life skill, for sure, and most of us have our preferred technique: the lean-to, the tepee, the log cabin. But, even though most fires aren't started in emergency, or even in one-match situations, that's part of the fun. Once you've learned how to do it without turning a gas knob or lighting one of those Duralast logs, lighting a fire with one match (or spark from a starter) becomes part of the game, even if you have a whole box at your side.    

This video from Backpacker magazine has the most thorough explanation I can find, so I'll let them do the talking. 

As expected, success lies in the prep work. Here's to a whole new season of campfires, friends. 

Top photo: Steven Leonti cc 2.0




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