Aug 10, 2011

Sad Etsy Dogs

If a dog is a man's best friend, then Sad Etsy Dogs is the perfect companion to Sad Etsy Boyfriends.



It's not that the dog clothes themselves are awful...but the pups just look so terrified.  


See lots and lots more, with plenty of commentary, at Sad Etsy Dogs

[Thanks, Stephen!]


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Beckie on Aug 11, 2011:

This just sent me on the most hilarious hyperlink highway of my whole week. I was busy deciding which were sadder, pups or bf's, but then I click on the <a href="http://www.regretsy.com/2011/03/04/sad-hipster-is-sad/">sad dancing hipster</a>. Weeping with joy and hilarity. I have to walk away from the internet today, because it just cant get better than that. Endless gratitude.