8 Simple and Rustic Crafts for Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a time for family, friends, and, of course, food. But it’s also a time to decorate your home with festive and creative decor. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or having an intimate dinner with loved ones, Thanksgiving Day decor crafts can help set the mood and make your home feel warm and inviting.

From DIY centerpieces to handmade wreaths, there are endless possibilities for creating beautiful and unique decorations that celebrate the spirit of this holiday. What better way to get into the festive spirit than by creating some simple and rustic Thanksgiving Day crafts for decor? Here are eight great ideas to get you started:

Leaf Garland

This craft is super easy and adds a beautiful touch of fall to any room. Cut out leaves from colored paper or felt, punch holes at the top of each leaf, and string them together with twine or ribbon.

Materials needed: colored paper or felt, twine or ribbon, hole punch.

Cardstock leaf garland.
Photo Credit: Mum in the Madhouse

Pinecone Turkeys

The great thing about this craft is that you can go high-end with it, or it’s a fun one to do with kids. If you want a more high-end decor look, you can go for something simple like the idea pictured below. If this is something you want to do with kids, simply glue feathers onto a pinecone to create the tail, then add googly eyes, a beak, and feet cut out of construction paper.

Materials needed: pinecones, feathers, googly eyes, construction paper, glue.

Pinecone turkey craft placeholder.
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Pumpkin Centerpieces

Hollow out mini pumpkins and fill them with seasonal flowers or candles. Add a touch of ribbon or burlap for a rustic touch.

Materials needed: mini pumpkins, flowers or candles, ribbon or burlap.

Pumpkin centerpiece.
Photo Credit: Darling Down South

Turkey Place Cards

Create personalized place cards for each guest by cutting out turkeys from colored paper or cardstock and then adding their name in a fun font. Take this craft up a notch, and instead of paper, head outdoors and collect some bright-colored leaves to use as the turkey “feathers.”

Materials needed: colored paper or cardstock, scissors, pen, or marker.

Turkey place cards made out of leaves.
Photo Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Cornucopia Wreath

Use a grapevine wreath as the base, then add fall foliage, mini pumpkins, and other seasonal decor to create a beautiful cornucopia-inspired wreath.

Materials needed: grapevine wreath, fall foliage, mini pumpkins, or other seasonal decor.

Cornucopia grape vine wreath.
Photo Credit: Michaels

Mason Jar Candle Holders

Paint mason jars in fall colors, then add candles and twine or ribbon for a cozy touch.

Materials needed: mason jars, paint, candles, twine or ribbon.

Mason jars painted with leaf window fall colors.
Photo Credit: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Harvest Banner

Cut out triangles from burlap or colored paper, then add letters to spell out “Harvest” or “Give Thanks.” String them together with twine or ribbon for a festive banner.

Materials needed: burlap or colored paper, twine or ribbon, scissors, markers, or paint.

Harvest banner fall decorated mantle.
Photo Credit: Learning Lift Off

Fall Leaf Mason Jars

Mod Podge fall leaves onto mason jars for a beautiful and easy centerpiece. Add tea lights or flowers for extra charm.

Materials needed: mason jars, fall leaves, Mod Podge, tea lights, or flowers.

Maple leaf mason jar candle holders.
Photo Credit: Makezine

There you have it – eight simple and rustic Thanksgiving Day crafts for decor that are sure to add a cozy touch to your holiday celebrations. Happy crafting!