ManMade Essential Toolbox: Why You Definitely Need a Pocket Hole Jig System

Kreg Jib Pocket Holes

Joining wood can be as much art as it is skill, and beautiful joinery really defines a piece of furniture. But for the times when you just need to quickly join a few pieces of wood securely, try using pocket-hole made with a Kreg Jig tool.

A few years ago, I picked up a small single-hole Kreg Jig for drilling pocketholes. It was simple, easy to use, and produced a nice strong joint that made completing projects much faster. Since then, I’ve used that small jig for at least a dozen projects, from end tables to shop-made cabinet doors and it’s dependably provided a fast joint that holds up well over time.

Pocket Hole Kreg Jig and Step Bit

The way a pocket hole works, is fairly basic. A stepped bit is positioned at an angle to provide a recess that a special self-tapping screw fits into. The angle allows for a strong mechanical joint between pieces that stays level and straight. The self-tapping screw minimizes splitting, and adding a bit of glue makes the joint impressively strong.

Pocket Hole Screws

Using this technique, joints can be made fast and strong so putting together than next weekend project won’t actually take an entire weekend. A few tips when working with pocket holes:

1. Start drilling slow, and make sure the jig is secured, otherwise the bit can “wander” on the wood.

2. Use the right size screw for the job to avoid splitting the wood and to keep the top of the screw from sticking out from the surface. Also, the screws have a square head so make sure you have bits to match.

3.  When screwing the joints together, it’s best to use a clamp to keep the parts flush. Check out this pocket-hole specific face clamp.

4. The Kreg Jig System has single, double, and full clamp jigs to make drilling the holes fast and easy. If you’re investing in a new system, take a look at the options to find one that will grow with you and your projects.

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

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