How To: Make the World’s Five Best Sandwiches (Part II)

Okay, so a few weeks ago, I shared this awesome roundup of chef-created sandwiches curated by ‘wichcraft‘s Tom Colicchio and published in Saveur magazine.

I may also have called them the World’s Five Best Sandwiches. So…

But, then I discovered blogger Nikole Herriott’s work at her site FortySixth at Grace, and her Saturday Sandwich series, which features a totally different, but still amazing, take on some killer looking sandwiches.  

So, while I go meditate and reflect on the way I share content and title ManMade posts, you go check out The Saturday Sandwich[es], including the one above with strip steak, pan-toasted bread, lemon-tarragon creme fraiche, argula, and avocado, and this guy, a Yorkshire beef popover type thing with garlic scapes and beet greens:

The Saturday Sandwich [FortySixthAtGrace]