The Edible Color Palette

Blue No. 1. Yellow No. 5. Red No. 40. “Without them, soft drinks would be clear, Cheetos would be beige, Froot Loops would just be Cheerios, and Easter eggs wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.”

Such begins IDSGN’s fascinating look at the actual colors that go into those foods that you’d like to say you don’t eat, but color your tongue all the same.

created at: 04/25/2011

    “According to Gatorade’s website, artificial colors are added to its products to “help in flavor perception and enable you to tell different flavors apart.” [But] Not all food coloring is as scary as the FD&C color palette, however. Cola gets its color from caramelized sugar (although that’s been recently scrutinized too), cheddar cheese gets its orange color from annatto and paprika, and some modern brands are turning to natural options like turmeric or beets for color.”

A really fascinating read: An Edible Color Palette [IDSGN]