Mar 02, 2010

How To: Knit a Pair of Men's Socks

As last week's Handmade Haiku intimated, I haven't yet mastered the skill sets to make myself a super - knitter, but when I do, oh, buddy, am I going to make a pair of socks for myself.

Warm, snuggly, and with the moisture - wicking power of wool! I especially love all the details: the contrast color in the toes and heels, the fun 70's racing stripes, and the cuff on the top.  

When you've figured it out, please do as the Purl Bee suggests and "Please consider making a pair for someone in your community who doesn't have much. You'll both be glad you did!"

Whit's Knit's: Men's Socks from the Purl Bee


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Rabid on Mar 02, 2010:

I learned to knit socks by using an awesome book. Getting started knitting socks, by Ann Budd. Taught me everything from start to finish with tons of info to personalize the patterns I was given.