How To: Make the World’s Five Best Sandwiches

When is a sandwich not just a sandwich? When it’s created by a five-star chef, of course.

Saveur magazine recently released its sandwich issue, and employed Tom Colicchio of Craft and sandwich spot ‘wichcraft to share what goes into a truly great sandwich.

It needs to be constructed so that it doesn’t fall apart. Selecting the right bread is essential—it should be firm enough to absorb moisture without getting soggy, but not so firm that the contents fall out when you clamp your jaw around it.Cheese goes next to the bread to reinforce the structure. Don’t put condiments next to lettuce, or they will slide off, right onto your shirt. Greens should go on top, so that they don’t get crushed, as should anything wet (tomato, for example), so that the bottom of the sandwich doesn’t get damp. Place smaller components, like pickles, between the meat and the cheese, so that they’re held firmly in place. 

Thankfully, the issue also includes five amazing recipes for next-level sandwiches that are as thougtful as most people’s Thanksgivings. Chef’s include David Lentz, Yossi Elad, April Bloomfield, Gastón Acurio, and Colicchio.

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