How To: Upcycled Tape Dispenser.

As it turns out, a standard 14 – 15 ounce can of veggies or tomato sauce has nearly the same diameter as the internal cardboard ring of a roll of masking tape. So, it makes a perfect roll on which to build all kinds of DIY tape dispensers.

3 Roll Masking Tape Dispenser

   Instructable’s user Groenert created this 3-roll job for a craft event using a cardboard half-gallon milk carton. “In this version the 15 ounce can of tomato sauce is the spindle for the tape and provides weight to hold the rolls down when they are pulled. It also lifts out easily so I could slide off the three rolls and add three new ones for the next crafter.”

Assemble the dispenser

What other sorts of DIY tape dispensers and organizers are out there? Show us in the comments.

Three Roll Masking Tape Dispenser [via Craft]