How To: Fold a Paper Pinhole Camera


In 1979, the Czechoslovakian magazine ABC mladých techniků a přírodovědců [An ABC of Young Technicians and Natural Scientists] published a cut-out paper camera known as the Dirkon – from dirk- the Czech word for pinhole, with -kon, from the Japanese photo masters Nikon.    Designer David Balihar has scanned in the original ABC article, and made it available as a PDF.

I’m also digging this updated version, the Rubikon Rebel, which includes a contemporary facade, and a handy exposure time chart on the back. Rubikon 2

If you need a little inspiration to go back to the analog days in this post-film era, check out the dreamy photo below, captured by the Rebel. If you’re still not motivated, the original Dirkon printed and assembled makes a great curio and discussion started, especially if you customize the text onto the template. photo: author

Has anyone seen other cool foldable cameras? Tell us about them in the comments.