Mar 21, 2011

11 Must-Own Classic Men's Fashion Staples

"Fashion is a fickle beast, a constantly changing and forever-costly passion. However, with a careful mind to building a wardrobe around time-tested pieces, even the slimmest budget can inject your wardrobe with huge style returns for comparatively minimal costs." Thankfully, there are some standards...those menswear pieces that have been around for sixty years, and seem as classy and well-cut as ever.  Even more fortunately, this means that you don't have to buy these pieces brand new. You can check thrift store and vintage shops for classic pieces, and save plenty of cash, and future purchases.

Aaron from Everyguyed has assembled a list of eleven staples to be sure you look for at the the secondhand shops, including blazers, cardigans, concert t-shirts, cable sweaters, and the old necktie.

Check out Everyguyed for the full list and lots of shopping advice.



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INeffable Fashion on Dec 19, 2012:

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