A Man’s Introduction to Yoga

created at: 02/01/2011

I’m okay with admitting it: I’m getting older. Not old!…but, you know, older. I sleep differently, now. The gray hairs appeared about six months ago. And mostly, I feel it in my body. I started getting sore for no reason. I feel all twisty in my lower back.

So, I realized, I needed to get stretch-y.Now, I know myself, and I’ll never use a gym membership. I’d never follow through with a class at a yoga studio. I’m certainly not opposed to any of those options, but I’ve learned enough about myself to know what is and isn’t a wise investment.

So, I started an easy yoga routine at home. I borrowed a P90 exercise video from a friend, which includes a ‘power yoga’ routine, and learned some solid moves I can do on my own time.

And I like it. A lot. I’m an active cyclist, but I’ve never been very athletic, so it’s really great to have something that moves all of my muscles and parts.

Andrew from Primer has written a pretty awesome overview of how yoga can be a great option for men, and it’s really good stuff:

A Man’s Introduction to Yoga