How To: Make Icicle Candy in the Microwave

created at: 12/21/2010

As much respect as I have for the handmade traditions of the past, old fashioned holiday candies don’t do much for me. My family is famous among their friends for their peanut brittle, but I can’t stand the stuff.

But these bright blue glittery twisties!? No, this is candy making I can get excited about! And even, better it’s made in the microwave, so no fancy thermometers or dropping stuff in water needed.   They use:

1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 dram flavoring oil such as peppermint or blueberry
Blue food coloring 
White food coloring *optional (I added a drop or two for opacity) 
Disco dust  *optional 

To see how to put ’em together, head to [via Lifehacker]