Nov 23, 2010

How To: Make a Tree Branch Table

created at: 11/23/2010

I'm a huge fan of bringing in natural elements whilst maintaing a modern aesthetic, so I think this tree branch coffee table is as cool as it gets. Especially since its handmade, and super easy to DIY.

At first, it appears to be a collection of solid branches, but the step-by-step photos reveal its a lot easier (and less expensive) than it seems.  

So, sure, the instructions are in Dutch, but the pictures give all the details you need. Wood box, paint it, hot glue on the goods. 

Easy, awesome.

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Anastasia on May 20, 2011:

oh, such a wonderful idea, must try this, looks quite easy diyable

wlai on Nov 23, 2010:

Ha, like the look, but never thought of just making it as a veneer before.  Would be nice to use bigger branches for the side, sliced lengthwise, to give it the truly "bundled of branches" look.  Also, would be great if there's a way to even out the joints, using some self-leveling clear resin.  Does anyone know of a brand to recommend?