Feb 08, 2010

How To: Sew a Necktie

Don't tell my mom, but I don't actually mind wearing a tie...Granted, with my job and social circles, it's a rare occassion when it's appropriate, so when I find my self needing to rock the half-windsor, it's kinda fun.

Every North American man has plenty of connections to the necktie: As kids, we learn to knot them. As teenagers, we learn to hate them. But as grown-ups...as grown-ups, my friends...

Well, we can learn to sew our own.


Here's three tutorials...mostly variations on theme (there can't be that many approaches, right?), but all still helpful.

How to Make a Tie : Ask Andy about Clothes

Father's Day Tie : the Purl Bee

The Osman Tie Pattern : Burda Style


Also, ManMade has a few necktie hacks of its own, so stay tuned for the updates.


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hope on Apr 15, 2015:

Love this! Thanks! I am a female but I work in fine dining and am required to wear an oxford button front and a tie. I like to consider myself a very stylish, put together individual and have been looking for ways to update my work style. Now I can rock any tie I want :)

Flo on Feb 08, 2010:


I just discover your blog and I would like to thank you ant just say you... it's WONDERFULL !

I will come soon on your blog.

Thanks and sorry for my english... Flo