Free Pattern – Mustaches!

First came the bird silhouette, then cupcakes, then vintage owls, and now?

Well, now, we’re in the height of moustache season. Which is a very fine thing for the manmaker, since generally, men do have a monopoly in the ability to grow a moustache category. [I was gonna make a joke concerning my second grade teacher, but I’ll restrain myself.]

created at: 2010/02/04  

Jenny Hart from offers this timely pattern. They seem particularly suited to embroidery, but I think they’re a mighty fine resource to keep in your arsenal. Go here to get a nice big version, and then click over to Sublime Stitching for more free downloadable PDFs.

After moustaches have had their heyday, what do you think will be next?! My vote is clouds. Or more whales.

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[via Whip Up]