I Can’t Stop Looking at These Amazing Images of the Planet Jupiter

Last night, my wife poked me in the ribs, and showed me this image. “Guess what that is,” she said.

“Oil paint mixed with water?” I guessed.

“No…those are clouds hovering over Jupiter.”   

Over the next twenty minutes, we both drooled over the full series. Then, I looked at them again before I went to bed.

And, because I'm avoiding tackling my inbox, I took another peek in the last 60 seconds, and then decided to write this post.

So, ManMakers, I'm sharing them with you. It has nothing to do with making stuff or tools or growing as a man, but I think they're fantastic. I'm in awe that that exists somewhere in the universe, and moved that human beings were able to build machines to capture it.

Take a look at TheAtlantic.com: Gorgeous Images of the Planet Jupiter