8 Things I’m Totally Obsessed With This Month (January 2018 Edition)

These are thoughts, the artwork, the news stories, the tools, the food, the conversations, and whatever else we just can't get out of our heads this month.      

1. The TV Show: Rectify

This one started out solid, and ended up even stronger. Each season is different enough to keep the story moving and the compassion flowing. And who would have thought —–(redacted for spoiler purposes)—– would have ended up giving the outstanding performance in the final few episodes?

2. The Thinkpiece: The Compelling Case for Working A Lot Less

Apparently, we all need to be building our capacity for “active rest.” Read up at BBC.com

3. The Film: The Florida Project

I could have watched this movie if it were seven hours long, and still wanted more. Cancel the Academy Awards this year and just give this entire cast all the Oscars. 

4. The Solo Performance: Merle Travis' “Cannonball Rag”

This is the eleventh or twelfth time I watched this, and I still can't believe all that music is coming out of one instrument and six fingers.

5. The Article About Consent: When Saying 'Yes' is Easier Than Saying 'No' by Jessica Bennet

I am making an intentional effort to stay on top of the #metoo movement and the cultural climate discussing the effect of toxic masculinity. This piece, so far, has been the most moving and helpful way to put my own privilege and entitlement aside and learn more.

Read and reflect at the New York Times

6. The Tweet

This is not a GIF. It's an excerpt from La Mécanique de l’Histoire, an acrobatic performance by Yoann Bourgeois. It's like M.C. Escher, and it makes me believe in the human spirit.

7. The Album: 'Balsams' by Chuck Johnson

I like the idea of listening to music while writing/editing/admin-ing, etc, but 95% of the time, I just find it distracting.

This album of (ready for this?) ambient pedal steel guitar is monotonous in all the right ways. I've let it loop endlessly as I go about my desk work for days, and I'm still not sick of it yet. 

8. The Bike Ride: Anthony Hoyte's Strava Snowman

I don't want to meet the person that isn't charmed by this. 10 hours, 88 miles through busy city streets, and internet fame for life.