Feb 02, 2010

How To: Mini Lightbulb Terrarium

I love any craft project that involves breaking stuff AND miniature things, so this tiny terrariums housed in a lightbulb are right up my alley.


Julie Melton from TinyTerra shares her technique for creating these diminuitive biospheres on The Hipster Home. Apparently, once you're able to remove the filament from the lightbulb, it's pretty smooth sailing from there.   

Add reindeer moss and sheet moss

I'm making one for my bathroom, two for my office, and for everyone I know for Valentine's Day!

Get the full intstructions, complete with great photos, at the Hipster Ho.me


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Luciana on Jan 10, 2011:

So, I have got 1 finished. I had a big bulb (30cm) in a box for a long time wondering how to use it. Now, my new vase is ready. I just need a flower:) Thanks for inspiration.

Kevin Shin on Oct 13, 2010:

It looks nice ^-^ 

I like it very much~

I would like to make it

Stephanie on Feb 08, 2010:

Those little Coca-Cola bottles that you see around Christmas time would be great for this too!