Aug 28, 2018

These Military Packing Secrets Will Make You a Better Traveler

The solar calendar has finally acknowledged what we've all know for a few weeks: it's summer. And with that most blessed of seasons comes the opportunity to get out of town and see the world in all its sun-soaked splendor.

The trick for making all this happen as easily and frequently as possible. Pack lightly, my brothers and sisters.     Or, at least - pack efficiently, so you can have everything you need, plus some backups, in the smallest, easiest-to-move container possible.

Perhaps no one knows how to best fit a whole slog of gear and clothing into a tiny bag than service women and men whose job requires them to be ready at a moment's notice, and as streamlined as possible.

Recently, Thrillist interviewed a group of military professionals for their take on packing as efficiently as possible. They say, 

But you know who are taught to pack, and who treat it like a high art? Marines, soldiers, airmen, and sailors, that’s who. US military servicemembers can probably shoot better than you, stand at attention longer, and almost assuredly pack a tighter, smaller, better-balanced suitcase or backpack than anyone else in your boarding zone. So we’ve interviewed a bunch of them to compile their best packing tips and tricks -- none of which involve sitting on your bag until it barely zips. 

We're totally in. Check out their tips, and use as frequently as you can all summer long. 

Thrillist.com: How to Pack a Suitcase (Army Backpack Packing Tips)




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