Feb 28, 2018

How to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves Like You Know What You're Doing

I am a committed non-cuff-buttoner. I'll do it when I wear a jacket or a sweater atop a shirt, but if it's just me an a button down (oh, and pants), then my sleeves are rolled up 99% of the time. Sure, it makes for a less formal look, but really, it's more practical. I'm a doer, and my hands are constantly doing stuff, and keeping my sleeves out of the way means they won't end up in the garden soil, dishwasher, bike grease, spinning table saw blades, or whatever else I'm digging into that day.     And while, from a practical perspective, at least, there isn't a wrong way to roll up your sleeves, you do have options, depending on what you're after. Do you want a just-flipped-up-my-cuffs-to-get-to-work look, or a military-like precision and crispness?

Ties.com blog, The Gentlemanual, offers five standard ways to get your cuffs up. Personally, I guess I do a combo of the "J. Crew" and "The Marine" in that I don't just fold up layer after layer, but pull the cuff to the elbow, and then cinch with a final fold, though without the reveal of the cuff on top. 

It's a obviously thing, sure, but little details matter in both practicality and style, so worth a look. Check out all five at Ties.com — How to Roll Your Sleeves: 5 Foolproof Ways 


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