8 Awesome Camera Hacks Using Things You Already Have On You

In the era of advanced smart phone filters, it's not difficult to make your images look like something more than a snapshot. But, more often than not, these images don't look textural or vintage or interesting, they just look… filtered. It's not a je ne se quoi, it's an I know exactly se quoi — it's also my favorite Instagram filter. 

 So, I'm digging this video from Canadian photographer Peter McKinnon. In it, he shares some cool ways to add depth and texture to your images using things you probably already have on you: your smartphone, a pocket knife, chapstick, leather belt, etc. The tips are gear more towards a DSLR than a phone camera, but the effects are pretty cool. Some work best for video/moving images and some for stills, but these are actually things you might try when you want to create something special.