14 Legitimately Good Stocking Stuffers for Men Who Like to Make Things

At this point in the season, the big gifts have already been decided. And if you're on your game, they're boxed, wrapped, and under the tree. But this week is all about the little bits: the practical things, the accessories, and the stocking stuffers. If you or someone on your list is a maker, DIYer, woodworker, tinkerer, or just a general creative type who likes to build and fix things, here's our list of quality stocking stuffers that are just as good as whatever's in that huge box with the bow on it.      

And! To make things as easy as possible, we've only selected items that are available from Amazon, and most of 'em qualify for free two-day Prime shipping, so they'll be here in plenty of time. Happy holidays. 

1. Pegas 18-tpi coping saw blades (12-pack): $12.00 There are coping saw blades, and then there are these Swiss-made Pegas coping saw blades. Lovely to use on everything from intricate curves to removing the waste from a dovetail. They just work. Don't have a quality coping saw yet? This will do you nicely. Bonus points if you can fit it in a stocking. 

2. Doohickey Multitool: $5.00 This thing has been on my key ring for years, and I use it at least daily. Best in its class. 

3. Bench Dog 10-035 Bench Cookie Work Grippers (4-pack): $10.00 Sand, saw, route, carve, and shape without a bunch of clamps getting in the way. 

4. Fiebing's Saddle Soap: $10.00 Cleans, renews, and nourishes all your leather gear. No need to improve on a classic.

5. Maldon Sea Salt Flakes: $5.00 There are two types of cooks out there. Those who believe in transformative power of Maldon salt, and those who haven't tried it yet. 

6. Dewalt 45-Bit Screwdriving Set: $10.00 Have the bit you need when you need it. Always.

7. General Tools Leather Hole Punch: $8.00 This easiest, and simplest way to punch holes in leather, thick canvas, cardboard, or heavy paper. 

8. Painter's Pyramids (10-pack): $5.29 Add coats of finish, stain, or paint to all six sides of a project without having to wait for the opposite to dry. No DIYer doesn't want more of these.

9. Morakniv Wood Carving 162 Hook Knife: $26.00 The standard in woodcarving knives. Made in Sweden, and the go-to for craftsman for more than 100 years. 

10. Rema Bicycle Tire Patch Kit: $5.00 No one should have to take a bike (or your kid's) into a shop because of a flat tire. It's a dead simple repair, and this is everything you need to make it happen. 

11. Shinto Saw Rasp: $16.00 Removes wood quickly. Doesn't cost $100. Contains a coarse and a “fine” side, so it's kinda two tools in one.

12. Tovolo Perfect Cube (2-pack): $11.00 Class up your cocktails with some seriously sharp-looking ice. Melts slower, and makes your homemade drinks as elegant as those from your favorite bar. 

13. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap: $8.00 There is no more pleasant way to remove wood glue or paint from your hands than with suds from this guy. 

14. New Haven-Pattern Oyster Knife: $12.29 Hint: they cost half the price if you open them yourself.