Is this the Craziest Find at a Street Market… Ever?

National Geographic

I am such a sucker for antique stores, obscure markets, and garage sales. I love pouring old and odd things — the weirder, the better. I've bought pocket-sized trinkets all over America, many of which neither I nor the store clerk was able to figure out what they were. But this one really beats them all…   

Lida Xing is a paleontologist with the China University of Geosciences. She and her team were in an amber market in Myitkyina where vendors sell bits of amber that they've shaved down for jewelry from the local mine, when they came across this:

That's a feathered dinosaur tail. A FEATHERED DINOSAUR TAIL. The vendors hadn't realized what it was (they'd already shaped parts of the amber to make it more appealing to prospective jewlers) and Xing and her team acquired it for further study. It's a whole fascinating breakthrough in paleontology and it definitely beats my best finds by a long shot. 

I'd love to know what some of your favorite antiquing or junk-store-shopping finds have been. Anybody got anything to rival a feather dinosaur tail?