Let’s Redu: Really, Really Good Animation using Thousands of Wood Blocks

created at: 09/15/2010We really appreciate the latest craze of using stopmotion techniques to animate the most unlikely of 3D models – human beings. It’s fun, it’s clever, and it always seems to go so well with a tiny, twee, Casio-infused pop song with female vocals.

But we get even more excited about really well-done animation in the traditional approach – using stopmotion to bring non-animate objects to life.

created at: 09/15/2010

The work was created by HunterGatherer, and is “a 2-minute stop-motion animation explaining what REDU is all about. It was created almost entirely in-camera, and hand-made from literally thousands of individually cut blocks.”

LET’S REDU from Redu on Vimeo.