Oct 10, 2016

Check Out These Three Gorgeous & Modern Farmhouse Cabins


It’s time for some quality design inspiration ideas. Whether you’re looking for interior design, furniture ideas, or architectural inspiration here are three uniquely incredible spaces to get your creative juices flowing…    

First of all, I LOVE good libraries. Los Angeles has a fantastic and relatively unknown one that I keep on the DL and use as my part-time workspace. But I’ve always dreamt of the joy I’d have building a tiny one like this tiny library built in upstate New York by Jason Koxvold and titled the “Hemmelig Rom” or “secret room” in Norwegian. A building like this goes on my list of what I would have to consider sacred spaces.

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The Modern House

2. This modern farmhouse sits on the edge of Eye, a small town in Suffolk, England overlooking ten acres of peaceful water meadows. It was designed by Gary and Laura Rowland and is actually available for rent.

The Modern House

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Inside Hook

3. I do tend to write about treehouses every so often, but honestly I think they’re so cool and often are designed with great intentionality due to their natural constraints. This one was built by Guy Mallinson in Dorset about 215 miles south of Sherwood Forest. It’s also available to rent for those of you looking to get your glamp on in England...

Inside Hook

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