How to: Build Your Own Car in Just 400 Easy Steps

Have you ever wished for a fancy sports car or but didn't quite have the cash? Or have you fiddled around with rebuilding cars and are looking for the next step. Well here's an idea: your average DIY toolster with basic tools and a couple hundred free hours can buy the Factory Five kit car and can build their own hot rod, replica Shelby, or Type 65 Coupe.    created at: 09/25/2016The idea of building one's own dream car for cheap stems back quite a ways past the Man in Black's “one piece at a time” model to a time when DIY car kits were poorly-made with a low-likelihood that the parts would even fit together. It appears that the specificity of 3D printing has changed that, which is why Ezra Dyer traveled to the Factory Five headquarters in Massachusetts to investigate the safety and practicality of building one's own car in his new feature on  It's an intriguing premise and a good read although I'm curious to hear what some of our readers think. The company's founder claims that most people with only basic mechanic skills are just as invested in creating quality vehicles with equal or higher standards of safety than even the company itself. Check it out and give us your thoughts.

How to Build Your Own Car in Just 400 Easy Steps