The Best Way to Pack a Suit or Blazer in Your Suitcase

created at: 10/02/2014

Suits are a common sight on an airplane. Sure, there are the business travelers who made be going straight to a meeting as they arrive, but just as likely – guys wear suits on a plane because they’re impossible to put in your luggage without becoming a wrinkly, creased mess. 

Except, there is a way to do it, and its worth a shot if you’ve a long flight ahead and would much rather snuggle down in something more comfortable.   

Wayfarer, the new travel blog from Lifehacker, highlights this tip from Travel+Leisure on packing a suit in an ordinary bag or suitcase. You tuck one sleeve of the jacket into another, aligning the lapels, and then insert your rolled pants in the bundle, compressing the whole thing down into a manageable -and packable – parcel. 

How to Pack a Suit –

Pictured at top: Abingdon Weekender and The Ludlow Suit in English Tweed from J.Crew