You Should Make a Throwback “Frankenstein” Lightswitch for Your Home

As a kid, I shared a bunk bed with my younger brother and every night we’d argue about who had to turn off the light and make the frightful journey through the dark to the safety of his own covers. Eventually our parents bought us The Clapper which was swiftly taken away from us due to the racket we made every night for fun…   

It’s funny how much enjoyment we got out of that, not to mention the simple pleasures of rapidly flicking the light on and off to give the room a lightening effect. So when I came across this DIY Throwback Frankenstein Switch from it immediately conjured up all those childhood images of joy that we had as kids. This simply constructed frame goes right over the light switch itself so there’s no need to tamper with the electrical work. I know I’d still get a kick out of this as an adult and it’d definitely be fun to place in a kids room.

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