Aug 30, 2016

This 2016 "Shed of the Year" is Made from 90% Recycled Material and It is Amazing

So the first thing to know is that, yes, there is such a thing as the Shed of the Year. It's a (literal) giant crown of an award for the best shed in the UK given during the final episode of Channel 4's Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year. This year's finale had a record-breaking 2,825 entries and 12,292 public votes, and was described as, "nail-biting" and I can honestly understand why...   This eco-friendly shed was built over the course of 8 years by Berkshire resident Kevin Herbert and lovingly dubbed, the West Wing (incidentally and entirely unrelatedly--my favorite TV show).  Not only is this tiny shed stunning, 90% of it is made out of recycled material. Take a look...

I'm legitimately bookmarking this house for later design inspiration. Read more about the Herbert's shed at HouseBeautiful.com


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