How to: Make a DIY Rolling Work Bench with Storage

created at: 04/01/2013

I chat with lots of ManMakers who would love to get started with bigger, more in-depth projects, but lack a dedicated place to work on them and the storage space for all the tools they’d like to acquire. So, here’s a perfect project for them: a small-footprint workbench that’s sturdy enough to do real work, and includes lots of built-in storage and plenty of accessories. It starts with a rolling tool cabinet, which you can find at any home center and many hardware stores. I also see barely used ones for sale on my local Craigslist, so consider secondhand options as well. Then, they all a sturdy solid wood stop, additional magnetic tool storage, a power strip, some pegboard, and even a small vice, which I believe is essential for all kinds of creative projects. 

I really do think this would be a great option to put in a home office, a garage, or even somewhere where you could wheel it outside when you want to work. Smart stuff.

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