This Weekend, You Should Make: Frozen Whiskey Lemonade

created at: 08/26/2016

We have absolutely zero reservations about hanging onto the summer season as long as possible. With temps outside the ManMade HQ topping 99° today, it seems Mother Nature is on our side, regardless of what all the back-to-school sales say.

And as far as ways to enjoy the season and keep cool, we have but three words for you: Frozen. Whiskey. Lemonade.   

The recipe comes from Fifty Licks ice cream shop on SE Clinton in Portland, OR, which is literally down the street from my own neighborhood. It works like this: combine lemons, sugar, and water to create a slushy lemonade granita, then you mix it with some bourbon or rye whiskey, a little additional lemon for a tart burst, and a dash of bitters to pull everything together. It’s half dessert, half cocktail, and completely summer. 

Get the recipe at Portland Monthly: Fifty Licks’ Frozen Whiskey Lemonade