How to Eat, Exercise, and Live Like Walt Whitman

Guys guys guys– did you know Walt Whitman published a fifty-thousand word serialized guide to “Manly Health & Training” that has recently been compiled by a PhD candidate? It started in 1858 in the New York Atlas but was pushed deeper and deeper into the newspaper with each issue due to lack of interest. However, it’s great for both its practicality and its utter impracticality, and here’s an entertaining article by a guy who decided to stick to it for a week.   
Michael Light writes for Lucky Peach: 

“Whitman tells readers what to eat (meat), when to sleep (between 10 p.m. and sunrise), how to bathe (in cold water), how to exercise (with long walks, leaping, dumbbells, games of rowing, and bare-knuckle boxing), and what footwear is ideal (heavy-soled tennis shoes).”

Click here to read Light’s article detailing his week following the exact dietary restrictions and exercise routine, and click here to check out Whitman’s full guide.