Meat 101: Why You Should Cut Your Steak Against the Grain

Steak Slices

It turns out, we may have been slicing up that steak wrong all these years. Here’s a case for switching it up and getting a better experience out of your meal.   

I’ve been reading up a bit on steaks lately. After spending a few night with a friend who grills a seriously good steak, it was inevitable I had to bone up on my grill game. One thing that came out as I read through some very dedicated articles on the subject of beef was that there is a right way to cut that steak. The grain of the meat is something that I’ve seen and thought about a bit, but never stopped to think it made a difference. But now, after a few hours of delicious experimentation I am firmly in the camp of against the grain eating. Steak Slices

Cutting against the grain breaks up those long strands into smaller, less springy pieces making the meat smooth and more enjoyable to chew. While it won’t improve the taste, that texture is really an important part of the experience, so take the time to cut it right.

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