How to: Learn Another Language – Quickly

Most adults find learning a new language to be particularly difficult. In fact studies show that the number one way to increase your odds of picking up a new language is to already speak a couple languages. But don’t lose hope! There are still some streamlined ways to get yourself self off the ground and immerse in a new culture’s way of communicating…   

created at: 07/24/2016Check out this article Becoming a Man of The World: How to Learn Another Language at the Art of Manliness. With the exception of one bizarre paragraph pointing out that most polyglots throughout history have been men (and skipping over the historically gendered gap in education and mobility), this is a great article with some key tips to examine before diving head-first into a new language-learning program. As a quasi-polyglot myself (I can read/write Latin and Ancient Greek, and can kiiiiiinda speak Spanish and Lakota), I can vouch for some the ideas and resources here that have helped me, since I grew up only knowing English. 

Have you ever learned a new language (particularly as an adult) in a short amount of time? If so, what language was it and what were the best resources you used?