Flavor Tube: 5 Killer Food Videos You Have to Watch This Week

HarissaIf you love good food, these videos are for you. Take a look at the artisan side of New York food – everything from diners-style doughnuts to Tibetan fare – and if weren’t already hungry for something seriously tasty, you will be. Take a look.

These are a stunning example of what exceptional people are doing with everyday food, shot by Brooklyn-based filmmaker, Liza de Guia and her production group, SkeeterNYC.The secret ingredient across the board? is A love for what they do, and the adventure that comes from trying making something people fall in love with.

1. NYC Vendy Awards – Desi Food Truck

2. White Mustache Small Batch Yogurt – 

3. Naughty Treats: Custard Grenades – 

4. Good Water Farms Greens – 

5. The Sweetness and the Heatness –

With a culinary line-up like this, it’s definitely time to up that home game. What do you plan to do to make your daily fare a bit more tasty?