How to Turn Any Alcoholic Beverage into Summer’s Tastiest Popsicles

No one’s gonna argue against either the sheer joy or the benefits of a cooling, delicious popsicle during these blazing summer months. But though tasty, the straightforward punch of frozen juice and, most likely, lots and lots of sugar, can be a little one note, certainly to the adult palette. So this summer, up the flavor and complexity (and age of consumption) by making your own boozy popsicles, with any alcohol or spirit you like. 

The trick with making these is that, well, alcohol doesn’t freeze. So, you can’t just toss in a bunch of spirits and juice and fruit and hope for the best. So, Lifehacker offers a little math to guarantee good results, no matter the recipe. 

To make an alcoholic ice pop that won’t slush out the moment you remove it from the mold, you’re going to want to aim for an overall ABV of 8%. Some beers fall under this threshold, so you are free to freeze those as is, but you’ll need to do a bit of math when working with the stronger stuff. Luckily, it is very easy math. Using the basic dilution formula that you may have learned in chemistry class, we can quickly find how much booze we can add to our popsicles:


where “C” stands for “concentration” and “V” stands for volume.

They then tell you what to do with that info, how to solve for various spirits and mixers, and then provide some solid recipes to get you started. It’s a boozeful, math-filled good time, and we’re definitely making some this summer.

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