We Will Never Get Tired of Watching These Hand-Lettering Videos


Oh my, the art of writing. Handwritten notes are always the classiest way to correspond, but here are a few people that take it up a notch with some of the most amazing hand drawn type you'll ever see.   Jake Weidmann,  the “master penman” explains the art and science of penmanship. 

Seb Lester's Best Hand Drawn Lettering – Interesting penmanship doesn't come easy. But here are some amazing pieces by Seb Lester compacted into easy-to-follow clips.

Take a look at that funky pen and his other favorite tools here.

Seb Lester's Famous Logos by Hand – The skill and control it takes to make these logos reflects hours of practice and then a few more hours along the way. What are you doing with your time?

Now everything else may look a bit more like chicken scratch compared to these videos, so grab a pen and see what you can do with a bit of practice.