Adventure: What Is it?

AdventureMissing the outdoors right now? Here’s a bit of eye candy to get you fired up for your next trip outside.   The first few minutes of this video is interesting, the maker talks about how easy it is to get so consumed by the thought of an adventure that you forget to enjoy the experience. I’ve been in his shoes many times and it’s always a good reminder to think about why we get out and explore this wide world – “I have begun to define my life by the adventures I’ve taken rather than what I do in the day to day. . . But adventures should teach me more about who I am.” Here’s a great video of a phenomenal adventure into who knows where, but the real take-away is that adventure isn’t just about conquering mountaintops, it’s more about who you become because of it. So get out there, but don’t forget to soak it in along the way.

What is the next adventure you have planned?