Inside the Studio with Let There Be Neon

As The Hand and The Eye puts it, it’s probably easier to point out which neon signs in Tribeca were not made by Let There Be Neon that which ones were, their reach is so extensive.  Their little shop is has created New York City’s most famous neon signage including even Nucky Thompson’s Old Rumpus Bar from Boardwalk Empire. And making neon signs is no easy trick…    The process involves the intricate dance of bending tubes of glass over a blue flame while simultaneously blowing continual amounts of air through them to keep the passage for the eventual argon airtight. After the glass bends as one would like, there’s an extensive back and forth process as the artist weaves it into the hardened shape he’d like and then back to flame he goes until it’s right (or broken). 

Click here to read about Let There Be Neon and take a little look through their shop.