How To: Room Divider Made from Recycled LPs


Vinyl LPs – records, albums, 12″s, whatever you want to call them – maintain a cult-like following, even in 2010. Audiophiles love to collect and actually play them, hipsters like to pretend they own them, hip-hop producers are still sampling them, and all kinds of artists are paying homage to the analog days of yesteryear.

Me? I like to listen to the good ones, and make stuff from the rest. And luckily, so do Anne and Todd. They made this DIY room divider out of used LPs, which sets two spaces apart while still allowing one to see through, maintaining the airiness the room already has.

They don’t provide an exact how-to at Apartment Therapy, but I bet it goes like this:

1) Clean 12″ vinyl records

2) Cover both sides in white contact paper

3) Drill small holes at 3 and 9 0’clock

4) Connect with jump rings

5) Hang it up!


Read more at Apartment Therapy.