Feb 17, 2016

Make This: You Need A Solid Work Bench

Gluing Up a Top

The heart of a workshop is the bench. It's the base where everything is made so it need to be solid and easy to use. Here's a great tutorial on making a simple bench with plenty of function.   One of the move overlooked helper tools in a shop is the bench dog. These small, low profile clamps hold pieces down securely without getting in the way, and can be removed when not needed. This bench integrates plenty of dogholes to make the possibilities for holding down just about anything you're working on.Cutting Legs

Another underappreciated aspect of a good bench over the standard counter in a shop is the weight of a thick, solid workbench top. The top must be strong enough to take a beating, and also heavy enough to stay put when being pounded on. This project uses thick plywood cut on edge for a finished thickness of about 3" of workshop heft.

Finished Bench

Head over to Popular Mechanics  for the whole project write-up and plenty more pictures of the process. Or try our complete plans for building the ultimate garage workbench over on Curbly.


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David on Feb 19, 2016:

Ahh, @Pat ya caught me. I always have a bit of woodworking on the brain and it comes out at the most random times! Thanks for the keen eye and letting us know when you find our literary easter eggs!



Pat on Feb 18, 2016:

You're welcome. I am on your site every day and enjoy it, thought it was a bit humorous becuse it is something I would do.

bruno on Feb 18, 2016:

@pat good catch - updated now.

Pat on Feb 17, 2016:

I wonder if Popular Mechanics will notice you refer to them as Popular Wooodworking in the link provided?